SSBS - Swiss Snowsports Association for instructors and schools

The Swiss Snowsports Association for instructors and schools SSBS has developed the RiderSystem and designed it to fit the needs of snowboarders. Since 25 years the SSBS is responsible for the formation of the snowboard instructors in Switzerland and looks after the Swiss Snowboard Schools which offer courses adhering to the RiderSystem.

Burton Snowboards

Burton is the market leading developer and producer of snowboards, bindings, shoes, clothing and accessories. From the beginning of snowboarding Burton is market leader and constantly sets new trends and innovation in snowboarding. Burton supports the RiderSystem because it is close to the clients and convinces through its simplicity and elaborate.

LTR - Learn To Ride

The Learn To Ride (LTR) program was developed by Burton Snowboards and snowboard instructors worldwide to make learning to snowboard easy and fun. For the LTR program Burton develops boards, boots and bindings specifically for learning to snowboard, testing these products with real first-timers in real lessons. Many RiderSystem schools use LTR equipment to give you a better learning experience.

7sky Magazine

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